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Welcome! WordHat is an integration layer between Behat and WordPress. It provides WordPress-specific functionality for common testing scenarios specific to WordPress sites.

If you are new to the project or Behat, we recommend that you first read through our documentation. If you already know Behat, WordHat is available on Composer.

If you encounter a bug, have a suggestion, or would like to help the project grow, please get in contact via Github or our Slack.

What is Behat?

Behat allow you to describe the behavior of a website in plain — but stylised — language, and then turn that description into an automated test that will visit the site and perform each step you describe.

Such functional tests can help site builders ensure that the added value they have created while building a WordPress site continues to behave as expected, after any sort of site change: WordPress updates, new plugins, new features, and so on.

Get started!