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Contributing to WordHat

Communication standards

Communication is oxygen. Talk with us on Github, or on our Slack chat room.

Ask, don’t assume. This project only accepts pull requests related to open issues. If you are proposing a new feature or change, please discuss it in an issue first.

Technicial standards

  • PSR-1: Basic Coding Standard.
  • PSR-2: Coding Style Guide.
  • PSR-4: Autoloading Standard.
  • Delimit variable and property names by underscore.
  • Only typehint callable, classes, and objects.
  • Prefer short syntax [ ] for single-line arrays, and the traditional syntax for multi-line arrays.
  • For code files, keep maximumum line lengths to around ~120 characters.
  • The website documentation is to be written in British English (en-GB).

You can do some things to increase the chance that a change request or pull request is accepted the first time:

  • Run composer commit to fix code standard errors.
  • Submit one pull request per fix or feature.
  • If your changes are not up to date – rebase your branch on the parent branch.
  • Follow the conventions used in the project.
  • Remember about documentation.
  • Do not bump the version number.