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The team wish to thank the following projects and their contributors, who provide inspiration and were fantasically useful learning resources:

Extra special thanks is extended to Jonathan Hedstrom and his Behat Drupal Extension project. Much of the structure of this project is based on Jonathan’s work, and this project is forever in its debt, having taken direct inspiration from its amazing technical architecture and innovative features.

For making it straightforward to publish this documentation, the project would like to thank MkDocs and the Material for MkDocs theme. MkDocs generates HTML from Markdown, and does it wonderfully.

If you have never seen a GitHub issue and pull request template generator featuring Cthulhu and Lewis Carroll, then you should check this one out.

Finally, thank you for considering WordHat. It is a tool for developers by developers, and we hope it helps you achieve wonderful things. Thank you for making it part of your world.